Supplemental Literacy Instruction

Recently, as I was researching how to effectively supplement literacy instruction for struggling readers in my classroom, I came across a list of questions to consider over on the Literacy Collaborative blog.

Here are the questions:

  • What kinds of interventions (supplemental instruction) are available to the students in your schools who are finding literacy learning difficult?
  • How is what students are learning in supplemental programs applicable to what they’re learning in the regular classroom?
  • How quickly are students leaving the supplemental instruction to return to and benefit from regular instruction in the classroom?
  • How are the gaps being closed for students who began the supplemental instruction behind their peers in the classroom?

I was struck by the 2nd question. Too often, supplemental activities provided to students are disconnected from what they are learning in their classroom. Learning interventions should be just as authentic and relevant as regular classroom instruction. Shouldn’t they? Don’t students want and need to feel that what they are working on is both meaningful and applicable?